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Flash ignites PH launch of the all-new 2023 BMW X1

Flash meticulously handled every aspect of the launch of the all-new 2023 BMW X1 in the Philippines last March—from logistics to guest relations, ensuring the event mirrored BMW's prestigious image. Flash’s creative team excelled in production design, creating an immersive environment that embodied the X1's elegance and sophistication. #FlashAtWork

The Philippine automotive industry witnessed a remarkable event as SMC Asia Car Distributors Corporation unveiled the all-new 2023 BMW X1. This third-generation sport activity vehicle brings a fresh wave of style, spaciousness, and digital prowess to the local luxury SUV market.

The launch of the BMW X1 was not just an announcement; it was a spectacle of luxury and innovation, thanks to Flash’s event management. From the planning stages to the execution, every detail was designed to reflect the BMW brand’s prestigious image. Flash ensured a seamless flow of the event, managing logistics, guest relations, and the overall atmosphere, creating an environment where the X1 could shine.

Flash’s role extended to the event’s production design, where their creative team brought the essence of the BMW X1 to life. The production design encapsulated the luxury, comfort, and technological advancement of the X1. Through innovative fabrication techniques and attention to detail, Flash created an immersive experience that allowed guests to feel the elegance and sophistication synonymous with BMW.

A key element in setting the tone of the event was the voiceover announcer, provided and managed by Flash. The announcer’s role was pivotal in guiding the audience through the features and specifications of the X1, from its adaptive LED headlights and chrome strip air intakes to its impressive 2.0-liter BMW TwinPower turbo engine. The voiceover added a layer of professionalism and excitement, enhancing the overall impact of the launch.

The launch of the BMW X1 sDrive18d xLine, priced at around P3,890,000, was more than just a showcase of a new vehicle; it was a testament to the successful collaboration between BMW and Flash.


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