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BMW Motorrad PH promotes rider safety with training program

BMW Motorrad Philippines launched its Rider Training Program at Carmona Racing Circuit, emphasizing safety and expertise. Guided by top coaches, participants honed advanced riding skills on premium bikes. Flash led the setup of the event, underscoring BMW's dedication to rider education and safety. #FlashAtWork

BMW Motorrad has established its foothold in the Philippine market as the leader in premium motorcycles. But beyond its machines, BMW Motorrad Philippines is committed to ensuring that riders are well-equipped and well-informed for the road. This dedication was evident in the recent launch of the BMW Motorrad Rider Training Program, an initiative that combines the art and science of motorcycle riding.

Held at the Carmona Racing Circuit in Cavite, the event witnessed a gathering of motorcycle enthusiasts and clients from across the country, all eager to master the nuances of safe and effective riding. The program was orchestrated by esteemed coaches Toto Villanueva and Jacob Orbe, each bringing a wealth of experience and insight to the table.

The meticulously designed training curriculum comprised both theoretical lessons and practical drills, providing participants a comprehensive understanding of motorcycle dynamics. Using the advanced F 750 and F 850 adventure bikes, riders were initiated into the core fundamentals of motorcycling. From grasping the basics to mastering advanced safety techniques like evasive maneuvers and efficient braking, the program left no stone unturned.

Villanueva emphasized the program's significance and said that riders must continually practice to become better and safer on the road. This sentiment echoed the overarching philosophy of the training: riding a motorcycle transcends mere experience. It is a skill backed by knowledge, precision, and continuous learning.

A noteworthy highlight was Flash's management of the event setup. Flash ensured that every element of the training day aligned perfectly with BMW Motorrad's ethos of excellence.

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