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  Brand Activation  

Trust building is important in advertising. Reach out to and directly engage with your audiences with Flash. Beyond awareness, let’s make lasting connections from strategy to campaign execution.

  Digital Production  

Used strategically, the digital space—though teeming with competing voices—can be a powerful platform to get your message across. At Flash, our job is to create inspiring and captivating digital content that deliver results for you.


We know how big of a deal customer relations is in the industry. Flash is here to take care of your events from conceptualization, planning, and production design to implementation. Whether your event is physical, virtual, or a mix of both, we can be your trusted and effective partner.

  Integrated Marketing  


With information at everyone’s fingertips, it has become so easy to get drowned by tons of messages from competing sources. Flash will help you stand out from the crowd through the strategic and effective use of media.

  Golf Course Advertising  

A hole in one: let Flash do all the swinging in making your brand known among the affluent through events, dividers, markers, displays, golf cart tarps and stickers, floating ads, and many more. Be at the top of your game with the help of our golf course advertising.

  Out-of-Home Advertising  

In a flash, consumers can lose attention. But at Flash, there are no fleeting moments. Our out-of-home advertising—like billboards and ads you see on LED, terminals, buses, jeepneys, tricycles, and stores—is guaranteed to be eye-catching.

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