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Flash engages with over 2,000 stores nationwide for Maya

Maya, the all-in-one money app, went all over the Philippines in 2022. Together with Flash, Maya physically reached out to its existing and prospective merchants in the country’s major tourist spots. #FlashAtWork

In the Philippines, where face-to-face interactions are valued, nothing beats physical presence.

Maya, the one-stop-shop app for money transactions, toured the country’s top tourist destinations in 2022 to bring its services closer to Filipinos. Flash was there—from planning to execution—to implement Maya’s trade marketing projects in Baguio, Boracay, Calapan, Davao, Puerto Galera, and Siargao.

Two teams were deployed at each location. The first team conducted oculars and convinced around 30 small business owners per location, Maya merchants or not, to use Maya’s storefront signages which were produced and distributed by Flash.

The second team, on the other hand, visited around 500 stores per area during the campaign. “We had a list of Maya merchants who are based in specific areas. We did interviews and even asked them if they are still active users and if they still had QR tent cards on display at their stores,” Flash Managing Director Carla Ludovico said.

“Aside from that, Flash conducted surveys among non-merchants. The results of which were turned over to the client.”

Flash also took the lead in distributing and installing new brand collaterals like QR tent cards, door hangers, posters, and other merchandising giveaways.

In total, Flash visited a total of over 2,000 stores—helping Maya bridge the gap between it and its customers and the general public.

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