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Flash drives promotional success with RCBC DiskarTech's campaign enabling app registration with QCID

In its commitment to promoting financial inclusion, RCBC DiskarTech achieved a significant milestone by enabling app registration using QCitizen ID (QCID) in Quezon City. This integration allows residents to easily access the app's features and services, empowering them with convenient digital financial solutions. To create widespread awareness and maximize reach, Flash implemented a strategic campaign across more than 140 barangays in Quezon City. #FlashAtWork

RCBC DiskarTech's commitment to financial inclusion has reached new heights with its initiative to enable app registration using QCID. This integration simplifies the registration process for Quezon City residents, eliminating unnecessary hurdles and facilitating their entry into the digital financial ecosystem. By leveraging QCID, DiskarTech aims to empower individuals, particularly the unbanked and underserved, by offering accessible and user-friendly financial services.

The integration of QCID in the app registration process holds immense significance for both RCBC DiskarTech and Quezon City residents. It streamlines the onboarding experience, allowing users to swiftly create an account and explore the app's features. This seamless integration enhances convenience and strengthens the overall digital infrastructure, enabling more individuals to benefit from digital banking and financial management.

To generate awareness and reach a wide audience in Quezon City, Flash executed a well-planned campaign. Covering over 140 barangays, Flash implemented various promotional initiatives to effectively communicate the benefits of DiskarTech's QCID integration. Through digital marketing, community engagement, and targeted outreach, Flash aimed to educate residents about the app's capabilities and how they can leverage it for financial well-being.

Through DiskarTech, individuals gain access to services such as fund transfers, bills payment, mobile load purchases, and virtual savings accounts. This initiative empowers individuals with greater control over their finances and supports economic growth and development within the community.


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